About Us

Proudly Serving Baltimore residents for 35 years

"Brooks Management Company, Inc. was established by David H. Brooks in 1979 to operate family-owned properties in some of Baltimore’s most interesting neighborhoods. Brooks Management Company, Inc. owns (through its affiliated entities) and operates over 250 apartments in over a dozen different locations. Brooks offers apartments in Mt Washington, Hampden/Hopkins, Bolton Hill and Charles Village. Brooks has been upgrading and renovating rental housing in Baltimore with an eye for retaining the old character but updating the antiquated. Available options range from the more traditional garden apartment format with landscaped grounds and modern conveniences to the renovated mansions with extensive character and modern appointments. Brooks Management operates its divergent units and locations as an efficient business entity with 24-hour emergency maintenance and a central office with pleasant and helpful, professional staff and qualified technicians. The reach of the management is from Bolton Hill and Charles Village in central Baltimore to Hampden and Mt. Washington in northern Baltimore. This strategy of a limited focus on properties in north/northwest and central Baltimore makes Brooks Management a truly local organization able to better serve residents and property owners. In addition to a staff of qualified individuals in office/managerial, maintenance tech and grounds upkeep positions, Brooks maintains a cadre of experienced contractors loyal and accessible to them and between staff and contractors are well-equipped to address all of the managerial potentialities of their apartments.

Part of Brooks’ experience has been the purchase, renovation and repositioning of several properties. Brooks has taken underperforming assets with haphazard management and upgraded them with renovations and prompt and responsive service including timely maintenance and 24-hour emergency repairs. Brooks states: “We pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining open lines of communications with our tenants.” These accomplishments manifest themselves in tenant referrals and limited tenant turnover.

“At Brooks Management we are proud of our properties and of our accomplishments. We are committed to making your apartment community a wonderful place to come home to every day. With 24-hour emergency maintenance service and a dedicated, professional staff, you'll be delighted by what we have to offer. We look forward to helping you call one of our properties your home.”"